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Legends Show Summary, Guest Questions

Here are the summaries and guest questions for the NAPA Cuse Legends Show…

NAPA CUSE Legends Show Weekly Material
Mirbeau Inn & Spa Best of the Week: It was, honestly, one of the best efforts of the star-crossed SU men’s basketball season, even if it ended in a loss. The Orange’s 93-83 defeat to North Carolina came just two days after a demoralizing defeat to Miami where SU ultimately paid the price for poor free-throw shooting. Here, the issue wasn’t at the line – the Orange went 18 for 23 – it was just fatigue. SU was terrific and led most of the way, but with just a six-man rotation, it wore down against the Tar Heels’ eight-man rotation. Still, Trevor Cooney had 28 points and Rakeem Christmas 22 points in the defeat.
McDonald’s Rewind and Archive: At last, the “Louie and Bouie” Show is getting its just reward when Louis Orr and Roosevelt Bouie will have their jerseys retired at halftime of the Feb. 21 game at the Carrier Dome between SU and Pittsburgh. Between them, from 1976 to ‘80 Louis and Bouie combined for more than 3,000 points and more than 1,800 rebounds, and lit up Manley Field House in the first years of Jim Boeheim’s head coaching tenure as the Orange made it to the top of the national rankings, won 56 straight at home and entered the Big East, where bigger things awaited.
Eaton Crouse Hinds Community Corner: Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will have one SU football player part of the story. It’s Chandler Jones, part of the famous Jones family out of Union-Endicott, who was New England’s first-round draft pick in 2012 and is already a solid starter at end on the Patriots’ defensive line, next to All-Pro tackle Vince Wilfork. Jones has missed some time due to injury this season, but has recovered to make it to the big stage, beating the Indianapolis Colts (and Jones’ older brother, Arthur, who also went to SU) in the AFC Championship Game.
And now questions for Eric Devendorf…
1. What could SU take out of those games with Miami and North Carolina, both of which were great efforts but ended in defeats?
2. No free throws fell against Miami. Plenty of free throws were made at North Carolina. How to explain the contrast?
3. Jim Boeheim had some tough words for Micheal Gbinije and his work at the point guard spot. When he spoke about you in a less-than-positive light as a player, how did you deal with it?
4. How many minutes does SU need from B.J. Johnson to expand the rotation and give some of the guys at least a little bit of a breather?
5. Given how tired they were at the end in Chapel Hill, did it save SU’s season to have this eight-day break before it plays Virginia Tech Tuesday?
6. At this point, what percentage chance do you give the Orange making the NCAA Tournament – knowing, of course, that a lot of basketball remains?
And now questions for Adrian Autry….
1. Be honest – do you win that game against North Carolina if you didn’t have to go through a tough game against Miami two nights earlier?
2. Why did this team, which struggled so much on the offensive side at Clemson, flourish at North Carolina?
3. What is the level of cocnern that Rakeem Christmas, given the numbers he puts up, will get double-teamed and worn down by the time the season ends?
4. Can this playing rotation expand to seven with B.J. Johnson getting far more minutes, and does it have to?
5. What are you working on the most in this eight-day gap between the North Carolina game and Tuesday’s clash with Virginia Tech?
6. When Jim Boeheim goes on those rants like he did last Saturday about tournament prognostications, is it a ploy to take some pressure off the players thinking about the task at hand?
Questions and intro for Tim Green….
Our next guest has done it all. State wrestling champion at Liverpool High School. All-American at SU. Strong NFL career with the Atlanta Falcons. Author of multiple books. TV analyst and news anchor. High school football coach at Skaneateles. And now, most important of all, guest on the NAPA Cuse Legends Show…..Tim Green is with us…
1. It’s pointless to ask what you are doing today, because you are always doing multiple things at once. What do they include?
2. Of all the careers you’ve had, which is, or was, the most fun for you?
3. So many players stay in football too long, and pay for it with their pain later in their lives and we all know about the concussion issue. When you played and retired, how prevalent were those concerns, or did no one care?
4. You were a natural on television, so why did you not stick with it?
5. Give us your current take on SU football – even with the new facilities, how does Scott Shafer turn it around?
6. To a kid entering college, what is the secret to balancing academics with athletics, or is there any real secret to it?
7. We need your intelligent Super Bowl take on Patriots-Seahawks.
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Legends Show Recaps, questions

Here is the stuff for the NAPA Cuse Legends Show..

Mirbeau Inn & Spa Best of the Week: Having played one of its worst games of the season last Saturday in a defeat at Clemson where the Tigers dominated from start to finish, SU’s men’s basketball team got into trouble again early when it fell behind Boston College 9-2 at the Carrier Dome. But the Orange quickly recovered, led minutes later and, despite big-time foul trouble from Rakeem Christmas, went on to beat the Eagles 69-61 with five players in double figures to improve to 5-1 in ACC play with only the game against Miami left before the tough part of the schedule begins Monday night at North Carolina.
McDonald’s Rewind and Archive: Facing Boston College on Tuesday night brought back memories of maybe the single most dramatic shot in SU basketball history. You know it well – 1984, the glory days of the Big East, SU against Boston College, the game in doubt in the final seconds as Pearl Washington, after a missed free throw, streaked to half court, let fly with the shot, and it swished, sending the Carrier Dome into the greatest pandemonium of its young existence, rarely since equaled. SU won that game 75-73, and the legend of the Pearl is born. It has never let up.
Eaton Crouse Hinds Community Corner: Of course, there is a ranked basketball team at SU – the women’s Orange. SU has, in fact, been ranked for most of the season, despite injuries (including Brittany Sykes) that could have derailed them. Two days before SU’s men beat Boston College, the women went to Chestnut Hill and roared to a 64-46 victory, with three players scoring in double figures. Overall, SU had a 13-5 record and were 3-2 in the tough ACC going into Thursday night’s game at Pittsburgh, still fairly safe as far as NCAA Tournament projections go, at least for now.
And now questions for Adrian Autry….
1. Nothing seemed to go right at Clemson, but what specifically happened that proved so difficult for your team to handle?
2. That said, you bounced back against Boston College in a big way despite a similar slow start and foul trouble from Rakeem Christmas that made him miss half the game. What’s your take on that game?
3. When you have a star get into foul trouble, and has to sit for long stretches, how differently do you have to coach, how does that change the game plan?
4. What had to be the best part of the Boston College was seeing five players score in double figures. Are the players starting to sense that Rakeem can’t carry the load too often?
4. Yes, you are 5-1 in the ACC going into the game with Miami, but there’s a whole lot of doubts about whether this team will get to the NCAA tournament because the schedule will get tougher. What does this team need to do against those better teams?
5. Now you have that game with Miami and North Carolina is just 48 hours later. When a big marquee game looms, is there any real mental trick to keep players from looking ahead?
6. And now your son’s team at J-D is on a roll, having not lost since late December, and Jim Boeheim’s son dropped 23 on West Genesee last week. Between young Adrian and young Jimmy, how do they get along, knowing they’re not really the focal points on the team?
Now for this week’s Real Deal with Kyle Johnson segment……
1. Be honest – in your days at SU, did the home team ever do anything specific to doctor or affect the game balls they would use as compared with what visiting teams would use?
2. This year there are fewer college players leaving early for the NFL, and none did from national champion Ohio State. Do you think that the Johnny Manziel saga prove a cautionary tale for some others?
3. This week is the Senior Bowl down in Mobile, Alabama, with prospects working for a week for NFL coaching staffs with all of the NFL teams watching. Does a good performance here truly affect draft stock, or is that mostly perception, not reality?
4. How much do guys who declare early for the draft get hurt by not being in events like the Senior Bowl?
5. Have you talked to guys who have gone through the Super Bowl experience and, if so, what do they say about the first week of the two-week wait for the big game?
6. And what is your early take on Patriots vs. Seahawks?


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