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Syracuse Legends Show February 27, 2015

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Legends Show Summaries, Questions

Here are the Summaries and questions for the guests on this week’s NAPA Cuse Legends Show…

Mirbeau Inn & Spa Best of the Week:  A week after beating a ranked Louisville, SU gained an even bigger victory when it went to South Bend and beat Notre Dame, ranked in the top 10 of both national polls, 65-60. Rakeem Christmas, who passed 1,000 career points on this night, netted 14 and added 12 rebounds despite early foul trouble. Yet it was B.J. Johnson who led with 19 points and got the decisive three-point play in the final seconds when the Irish cut the margin to two, ahead of Christmas, Michael Gbinije (12) and Trevor Cooney (11). Leading most of the way, SU kept getting baskets every time Notre Dame tried to catch up.
McDonald’s Rewind and Archive: This Saturday brings SU back to Cameron Indoor Stadium to face Duke. And that, of course, reminds everyone of the way last season’s game ended in Durham, with the charge call and Jim Boeheim, well, objecting to that call with a jacket toss and an ejection. The jacket he wore that night went up for auction at Boeheim’s annual Basket Ball for Coaches Vs. Cancer, and Neil Gold, a super SU fan from Manlius with more than 100 items of Orange memorabilia in his collection, bought the jacket for $14,000. Then he wore it to the SU game against Duke February 14 at the Dome. But again the Blue Devils won. No jackets were tossed.
Eaton Crouse Hinds Community Corner: And it was a fairly good week for SU’s lacrosse teams. On Sunday, the men’s team, now 3-0, beat Army 12-9, again showing its improvement on face-offs as West Genesee’s Dylan Donahue had five goals and one assist against a Black Knights lineup that included another former Wildcat, John Glesener. Then, on Wednesday night at the Dome, SU’s women held off Connecticut 12-11 to move to 5-0 on the season, led by Kayla Traenor’s five goals and goals from the likes of Gabby Jaquith (Cazenovia), Taylor Poplawski (CBA) and Kailah Kempney (Carthage), holding off a Huskies roster that includes Marcellus’ Grace Nolan and Westhill’s Maggie Tripodi.
And now questions for Eric Devendorf and an intro..
For one of our regular portions of the NAPA Cuse Legends Show, we have a guy who spent four years here, from 2005 to 2009, starting each year, scoring nearly 1,700 career points, averaging 14.5 points and 3.2 assists per game and, at his peak, 17 points and 4 assists per game as a junior. Now, after some pro stints overseas, he’s back at SU to finish his degree and joining us on a regular basis to talk all things SU hoops…Eric Devendorf is with us….
1. Even though you figured they wouldn’t throw in the towel by the NCAA decision, how surprised are you, if at all, by those wins over Louisville and Notre Dame?
2. Was it even better seeing that, when Notre Dame cut the deficit to two in the final minute, SU actually stayed aggressive, and it paid off?
3. All of a sudden, we’ve seen B.J. Johnson turn into a big force. Why do you think he’s stepped up?
4. From what happened a couple of weeks ago, what needs to turn around in order for the Orange to beat Duke at Cameron?
5. Is this game, in many ways, the best possible NBA audition for Rakeem Christmas, going up against Jalil Okafor in a hostile setting?
6. Then, regardless of the result in Durham, how does SU turn right around and give a great performance against a great Virginia team?
7. Can Virginia, fully healthy and with that D, challenge Kentucky for a national title?
The intro and questions for Preston Shumpert…
Also joining us as a regular guest on the NAPA Cuse Legends Show is another former SU hoops great. He was with the Orange from 1998 to 2002, scored more than 1,900 career points, averaged better than 14 points a game and more than 4 rebounds a game, too. He played in the pro ranks in France and Turkey for a decade. Now Preston Shumpert brings his unique perspective to our program….
1. Given these wins over Notre Dame and Louisville, do you think SU would have done any damage in the NCAA Tournament?
2. Against a team like Notre Dame that shoots the ball so well, how was the Orange able to neutralize that advantage with the 2-3 zone?
3. As a guard, going up against a good shooting team like Notre Dame or Duke, what do you do to prevent clean looks without drawing fouls?
4. Against Duke, who wants a fast pace even though it costs them on the defensive side, is the game plan to slow things down?
5. We all know the “Duke flops” reputation, fair or not. When you played, which opponent, or player, was the worst in terms of flopping?
6. And Virginia is next. What is it that makes a Tony Bennett-coached team so difficult to play against, why do they just shut opponents down?
7. How pleased are you that the Orange did show how good it could be against Louisville and Notre Dame, and didn’t just pack it in?
And now the intro and questions for Adrian Autry….
As a regular feature on the NAPA Cuse Legends Show, we bring on SU’s assistant coach who is one of the biggest names in program history. He averaged 12.7 points, 5.2 assists, 3.8 rebounds in four years, and then played in the pro ranks before going into coaching. Now, he’s assisting Jim Boeheim and joining us for his take on all things SU basketball. Adrian Autry is with us…
1. What was emphasized in practice in the time between the loss to Pitt and the win over Notre Dame that created such a big turnaround?
2. Given the success the full-court press has provided late in games when you trailed, why not use it earlier as a change of pace?
3. Tell us just how B.J. Johnson has turned from a bit player into a big-time producer in a matter of weeks.
4. Among his many attributes, Rakeem Christmas is learning how to play while getting into foul trouble. What’s the secret to that, if anything?
5. Each of the three games you’ve played against Duke were close and you’ve put up lots of points. Is there just something about the Blue Devils that make you all pick up your games?
6. Duke has shown plenty of zone this year, something Mike Krzyzewski rarely did before. Do you think he uses it here?
7. Then you turn right around and play Virginia. How do you make sure your team has lots of energy for both of these big games?
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