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Syracuse Legends Show March 6, 2015

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Legends Show Summaries, Questions

Here is the stuff for this week’s NAPA Cuse Legends Show…

NAPA CUSE Legends Show Weekly Material
Mirbeau Inn & Spa Best of the Week:  Before all of the bad news that struck at the end of the week, there was a sterling effort by SU’s men’s lacrosse team against no. 5-ranked Virginia. Dominating in the face-off circle, which was the bugaboo for the team in recent years, the Orange handled the Cavaliers 15-9, and a day later found out that the victory, which improved the team’s record to 4-0, brought SU to the top of the national rankings. Receiving 11 of 14 first-place votes in the USILA poll, SU reached number 1 for the 91st time in the program’s storied history as it plays St. John’s this weekend in suburban Atlanta.
McDonald’s Rewind and Archive: The thing we all have to remember as SU enters this period of five years’ probation is that the Orange has gone through this before. After sitting out the 1993 NCAA Tournament, SU, a year later, got to the Sweet 16 with Adrian Autry and Lawrence Moten leading the way, and then two years later John Wallace carried them all the way to the national championship game. So probation is not, by any means, the end of the story, but how SU deals with the next few years missing up to three scholarships per year will be quite telling.
Eaton Crouse Hinds Community Corner: While the SU men’s basketball season ends Saturday against N.C. State, the women’s basketball team was far from done. Despite an early exit from the ACC Tournament at the hands of Wake Forest on Thursday, Quentin Hillsman’s Orange women is certain to land an NCAA Tournament bid, having gone 21-9 on the season and 11-5 within the conference, a strong record in a league that boasts powers like Notre Dame and Duke. Now the question is whether SU can get past the second round and make the Sweet 16 for the first time.
And now questions for Eric Devendorf and an intro..
For one of our regular portions of the NAPA Cuse Legends Show, we have a guy who spent four years here, from 2005 to 2009, starting each year, scoring nearly 1,700 career points, averaging 14.5 points and 3.2 assists per game and, at his peak, 17 points and 4 assists per game as a junior. Now, after some pro stints overseas, he’s back at SU to finish his degree and joining us on a regular basis to talk all things SU hoops…Eric Devendorf is with us….
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the most severe, how would you measure the punishment the NCAA handed out?
2. Do you think it was enough, too harsh, too light, and do you agree with SU’s stance that the investigation went on far too long?
3. Is the greater fear for the years ahead the fact that recruits won’t consider SU because of the scholarship reductions, or that those currently in the program might bail out?
4. Do you see Jim Boeheim coaching through the entire five years of the probation, or handing it over to Mike Hopkins at some point during that time?
5. Have you talked to some of your former teammates or other SU players and what is their reaction to the news?
6. How silly is it for the NCAA to strip victories from the books years after the fact, when everyone knew who won those games?
7. If you were recruited to a school, and these sanctions were handed down before you attended the school, would that have changed your plans?
The intro and questions for Preston Shumpert…
Also joining us as a regular guest on the NAPA Cuse Legends Show is another former SU hoops great. He was with the Orange from 1998 to 2002, scored more than 1,900 career points, averaged better than 14 points a game and more than 4 rebounds a game, too. He played in the pro ranks in France and Turkey for a decade. Now Preston Shumpert brings his unique perspective to our program….
1. So let’s get your reaction to the NCAA sanctions – too harsh? Too light? And did it take too long for all this to get resolved?
2. The NCAA made it clear that they though SU lost control of its basketball program. While things did go wrong and SU acknowledged it, is that really a fair conclusion?
3. Does SU’s best chance in fighting these penalties the fact that the NCAA doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation in light of the Miami boosters and Penn State cases?
4. For the players that remain for the next few years, does this create an “Us against the world mentality” that could prove beneficial?
5. How valuable is it to have coaches like Mike Hopkins and Adrian Autry who went through the 1990s penalties and its aftermath, and that turned out well?
6. Do you think Jim Boeheim stays around to steer SU through its whole five years of probation and makes sure everything is restore before he retires?
7. How have you gauged the reaction of people you’ve talked to – people associated with the SU program and outside of it, too?
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