Legends Show Recap, 10/31/20

Summit Auto Group Best of the Week: No one showed up more in SU football’s game against the Clemson Tigers than Garrett Williams. Though the Tigers pulled away in the late stages to prevail 47-21, Williams was an absolute star and a menace to the Clemson offense, not only getting eight tackles and sacking Trevor Lawrence once, but coming up with an interception and returning it 39 yards while also breaking up a couple of other passes, too.

SOS Rewind and Archive: This latest exciting game between SU football and Clemson brought to mind what happened in 2018. On the way to 10 victories overall, the Orange went to Death Valley and nearly repeated its 2017 upset at the Dome, leading most of the way and going up 23-13 in the fourth quarter. Clemson kept running the ball, though, and Travis Etienne’s pair of touchdowns, the last of them with 41 seconds to play, helped the Tigers pull it out 27-23 on the way to 15-0 and the national championship.

AFLAC Trivia Tidbit: If you want an instance of an unsung hero in SU football history, it’s Bill Hurley. He was with the Orange from 1975 to 1979, the last years of Archbold Stadium before it moved into the Dome. Hurley finished with 5,949 career yards, the most in program history at the time, and he paired with Joe Morris, who had 4,299 yards, most of it on the ground, with Morris more famous because of his pro career with the New York Giants that included a Super Bowl victory.

Atlas Fence Community Corner: It’s remarkable to note just how many times SU football has intervened in national championship seasons. There was both 2016 and 2018, when Clemson conquered the Orange on the way to winning it all, but also Penn State’s 1982 and 1986 championship seasons both required wins over SU to keep it going, and of course the talent-laded Miami Hurricanes handled the Orange in 2001 during its perfect season and title run.

U.S. Army Weekly Recap: We all wondered how SU football, mired in struggle, would hold up against the top-ranked team in the country. Quite well, at least for a while, as in Death Valley the Clemson Tigers allowed the Orange to rally from a 17-0 deficit and move within less than a touchdown, 27-21, where it was late in the third quarter. But a turnover and fumble return sprung Clemson to score 20 unanswered points in the late going for a 47-21 final score far more lopsided than the game really was.

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