Legends Show Recap, 9/19/20

Summit Auto Group Best of the Week: In this edition, the award is reserved for all the workers who, over the course of less than a year and a lot of it done amid a raging pandemic, replaced the Carrier Dome’s roof as the first and most visible part of its renovation project. Though it was powerful university officials making all of the decisions, it was this dedicated crew that, with a fall deadline looming, took down the Teflon roof and put up one fixed and translucent that should hold up well in bad CNY weather.

SOS Rewind and Archive: Of course in this 40th anniversary of the Dome we must flash back to the day the Dome opened for sports business. That was September 20, 1980, and the Orange were facing Miami – of Ohio, not the Hurricanes with whom SU would later have some memorable Big East encounters. Though it felt like South Florida with a full house of 50,000 in attendance and no air conditioning, it was the Orange getting the best of Miami in that first game, prevailing 36-24 a week after its season opened at Ohio State with a loss to the Buckeyes.

AFLAC Trivia Tidbit: That first 1980 season in the Dome for Syracuse football included some high-profile opponents, none better than the Pittsburgh Panthers, who beat the Orange 43-6 and ultimately finished no. 2 in the national rankings. How good was Pitt? Though Dan Marino was quarterback, it was Hugh Green that dominated the season. Green won several national player of the year awards and was second in the Heisman Trophy balloting, unprecedented at the time for a defensive player.

Atlas Fence Community Corner: Unlike with other leagues, SU football was able to get underway and have a season in large measure due to a university community that, from late spring to summer, planned for students to return to campus in a comprehensive way. Ultimately, every incoming student was tested, as were staff and faculty, so classes got underway and the university’s sports teams were able to put together some semblance of a regular season.

U.S. Army Weekly Recap: A season unlike any other for SU’s football team began on September 12 at North Carolina. For a long while, it was a close game, an undermanned SU squad hanging in there and playing superb defense against the Tar Heels. Only in the fourth quarter did Carolina get away, recording a trio of touchdowns to prevail 31-6 as the Orange would find it the first of many frustrating experiences this season, even if everyone was just glad to be on the field in the first place.

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